2008 Soldier Quilts

American Hero Quilts

That is the home page of the group with which I have been working for four years to create quilts for wounded American soldiers.
They are in need of battings and backings to complete the quilt tops people are sending.
Red, White and Blue fabrics, and variations on those colors, are also needed.
Click on the link above for more information, and how you can help.

For a look at some Children-of-Soldier quilts, look here

Someone asked me what Leader-Ender blocks are. They are blocks I sew as I start a chain of stitching, or end a chain of stitching, on another pattern or top. For instance, if I'm sewing stars together, at the end of the row, I could stitch off onto a scrap of fabric, which many people do. Instead, I stitch a part of another set of blocks, putting together 4-patches or 9-patches or HSTs, or piecing those into full blocks. It takes a while to complete enough but not all that long when you are stitching as many blocks and tops as I do.

Top Number 77
Nine Patches donated by Beehive Quilt list members
Hearts by Moira
Completed 7-04-2008

Top Number 77
Close up with border

Top Number 78-close-up

Top Number 78-close-up with border

Top Number 78
Nine Patches donated by Beehive Quilt list members
hearts donated by Moira
Completed 10-12-2008

Top Number 79
I don't often know where the quilts go, but this one went to a 15-yo boy who lost his father
Completed 10-12-2008

Top Number 80
Center donated by Weze in Alabama
Completed 10-12-2008

Top Number 81
Blocks donated by Beehive Quilt Member
Setting Fabrics mine
Completed 10-12-2008

Top Number 82
Second set of blocks from Beehive Member
Completed 5-20-2008.

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