2006 Children-of-Soldier Quilts

American Hero Quilts

That is the home page of the group with which I am working to create quilts for wounded American soldiers. Unfortunately, not all of the soldiers survive their injuries. Many are young fathers. I have begun making a few quilts for the children of those soldiers. I can never make enough. If you'd like to help with blocks, tops, fabric, or complete quilts, you can contact me through this link

Completed 7-25-06

This little pink top was made with a little help from my friends. The center is beautifully hand appliqued by Louise Barker, Quilt Chicks. The pinwheels were donated by Monique McDevitt, Beehive. The 2 pink fabrics were donated by Robin Martin, Trading Fabrics.

The blocks in the middle were donated by Robin for a Quilts 4 Cancer quilt. I added the purples, and swapped 3 other colors for purple ones so I could use the 4-patches as the center for this one. I had just enough black to make the two borders, and it was Paul's idea (my husband) to make a breaker border in a bright color. The heart fabric had the perfect colors for the 4-patches.

Completed 7-25-06

Completed August, 2006

This fabric was donated by Lucie at The Cotton Boutique

The center block of this is a beautiful applique donated by Louise Barker, Quilt Chicks. The pinwheel blocks were donated by Monique McDevitt, Beehive group.

Completed September, 2006

Completed 7-25-06

Another quilt made with the help of the incomparable Moira McSpadden, of all the lists where I'm a member. The border is HSTs I've been saving from other AmHero quilts.

The garden blocks were donated by Jan Andrews, Fat Quarters list. The others were ones I made for setting blocks.

Completed 11-7-2006

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