Powder Horn Mountains, southern pass

Two years ago, we went over the Powder Horns in June, but we took the northern pass that goes from near Sheridan over to Greybull. The ground was covered with wildflowers, and we were relatively new to our lifestyle. Gail and I went to Great Falls, MT, for a quilting group retreat. Paul and Kirk worked on our breakfast bar. Well, Kirk worked, anyway. I thought I had put up pictures of that trip, but I can't find them, so I guess I didn't. I still have them. Maybe someday. I'm very far behind!

This time, we took the southern pass, the Big Horn pass. It was fall instead of early summer, so flowers were few, though there were some. Here are some views which don't do justice to what the eyes can see, at all!

Big Wyoming Sky

More sky!

Coming down into Hyattville

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