Hyattville, WY

Hyattville is a small town, pop. 100, where a good friend of mine lives, Gail Odegaard. She and her husband, Kirk, have a nice hillside where they have been building their home in stages, as they could afford it, avoiding a mortgage. This is sort of the essence of the old Wyoming. Kirk is a carpenter of extraordinary talent. He built our breakfast bar when we took the dinette out, and matched the wood and design so exactly, one would never know it wasn't born this way. In Hyattville, he does the wood working parts of new home construction, and remodels when that's what's needed, too. Gail makes soaps, lotions and gels, owns a professional quilting machine to quilt for others, and does whatever else comes along, from canning to cooking to stitching.

Downtown Hyattville

The Odegaards' driveway

Faithful dog awaits

And faithful friend points the way.

Sunset, Sept. 27, 2008

Forest Wood Gathering Trip

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