Winning Quilts

Annika's Small World
Christine Koltermann, Santa Clara
1st Place, Use of Embellishment

Carousel Horses
Leslie Peacock, Payson, AZ
Grand Prize, Garments

The Ancient Mariner at Sunrise
Patricia Delaney, Abington, MA
Best of World



Marilyn Belford, Chenango Forks, NY
1st Place, Innovative

Baltimore Album
Joyce L. Wuchie, Galesburg.IL
1st Place, Traditional

Las Mujeres Azules de Guatemala
Meri Henriques ? (name covered by ribbon), Soquel, CA
2nd Place, Innovative

Unbridled Passion
Denise Havlan, Plainfield, IL
Best Use of Color, Innovative

Oliver's Twist
Jean Lehmar, Galesburg, IL
Best Use of Color, Traditional

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