Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum in Chattanooga, TN

We saw a show about this place on the History Channel, so when we accidentally spied it in Chattanooga, we decided to stop and take a look. Tow trucks are something we kind of ignore, and take for granted when we need them. They have quite a history, and the early ones were built, jerry-rigged, really, on the chassis of a Model-T.

It was difficult to get good photographs because of the lighting, which insisted on shining in the bright reflective surfaces of the signage, and because of the number of trucks jammed into a small space. I couldn't get the whole truck most of the time, because I couldn't get back far enough.

Paul sitting on the Ernest Holmes Tow Truck

The US side.

The Canadian Side.
1974 Ford T-350, with Vulcan Cradle Snatcher

See more tow trucks and some old gas pumps.

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