Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We went to Philadelphia to see the Ben Franklin exhibit at the National Constitution Center. We were not allowed to take photos of anything inside the museum. On the way down to the museum, and trying to find a parking place anywhere near the museum, I took pictures of interesting, to me, architectural features of the city of brotherly love. Some of them didn't come out because the sun was at a bad angle, but here are the rest, and the few of the museum and it's outside environment that I could take.

The skyline, coming from the south.

Row Houses on the southside of Philadelphia.

Moving toward downtown on Market St.
I thought this picture might come in handy when making a quilt, sometime.

Just a wild guess, but are we in China town?
Notice the red street sign in Chinese under the green English one. For all I know, it could say anything. I'm just guessing it's a street sign.

Bridge over something - the Schuylkill River, I think,

taken from the top of the parking garage, where we finally found a spot.
It turned out to be a great spot for the following protest pictures in front of the Justice building. First the building, then the protest.

Top of building: "Justice Guardian of the...."
Okay, I forgot to look on the other side!

Your Bill of Rights at Work.

Hey, what are they doing?
Is that man passing drugs?

Other views from the rooftop.

Looking away from downtown.

The National Constitution Museum and environs

Independence Hall stands at the other end of the mall from the NCC. Once the building is complete, I don't know if it will be visible from this point any longer.

Fran, standing in front of all her money.
NCC is to her right. Your left.

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