Palomas, Mexico

When we needed a good, cheap dentist, other retirees told us to try Mexico. Since we were already familiar with the Deming, New Mexico, area, having lived here before, we checked the phone book for Palomas. Palomas was prime Pancho Villa real estate at one time, and it's only 34 miles south of Deming, just across the border. Here are some pictures I took of the town.

The American side, built in 1988. Coming back from Mexico, you need to have good documentation of citizenship. We bring our passports.

Three flags over the U.S. POW/MIA flag, Homeland Security Flag and the Stars and Stripes . . . long may she wave.

Warning sign #1. You better take this one really seriously. Mexican jails are no fun!

Warning sign #2.

Waring sign #3.

International border Marker

Yes, Virginia, they are building a fence at the border. Oddly enough, they are building it where no one really tries to sneak across, at a border check point. Doesn't that make sense?

The Mexican side. Walk right through, no one cares.

Inside Mexico. Yes, there are differences, as soon as you cross the border. One is the bright colored buildings. More of that in a minute. Another is the street sellers and the beggars.

The Port of Palomas.

Our dentist is the one on the end of this bright yellow building. There are two other dentists in the building, and several more up and down the main street of Palomas. Opticians are another popular business here.

A grocery down the street from the dentist. I went inside to see what it was like. The products are very similar to our stores. The difference is in size. This was smaller than the grocery store in Lemmon, which serves about 1200 people - about the same size town as Palomas, I believe. I hope there is a larger store somewhere. They will take American dollars or Mexican Pesos. 10 pesos = about 95 cents. Today.

The Pink Store. Long famous in Palomas, at one time, it was almost the only store along the street, along with a pharmacy and a liquor store. That was about 1988. In those days, instead of beggars, there were little boys selling chicle packages. Gum.

Statue of a guitar player.

Statue of an accordion player. Doesn't that make sense?

One block off main street, shot from the front of our dentist's office.

Main Street, Palomas, looking south.

Typical dress among many women. The little girl goes up to people and holds out her hand for money. Her mother brought her into the dentist's office last week to do the same.

Only park I saw downtown.

Pancho Villa from the rear.

Villa, head-on.

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