Lemmon, SD

Lemmon, SD is our summer parking spot. The town might have 1200 people, or it might only be 997, but somewhere between those lies the actual count. It's a typical small town. These pictures show some of Lemmon, and not necessarily the prettiest parts. Just what I saw on my walk this June day.

This is our house, on the corner of 4th St. East and E. 2nd St.,
and you can see about half the lot. It's actually two city lots, about a third of an acre.
Those trees on the right were cut back by the electric company, and are growing new tops now.

Looking west from our place.

Back of the City of Rocks -
all petrified wood and thunder eggs - huge thunder eggs.

The Community Health Clinic, just west of our block.

The one and only grocery store, on Main Street and 4th St. West.

The Conoco station, owned by the same family who has the Ben Franklin. You'll notice it's also the video rental store and the laundromat.

The old First National Bank building.
When this was built, it was the largest building for many towns around. Now it seems like storage. There is no First National Bank in Lemmon, which used to boast a population of over 7000.

Looking north on Main Street, west side.
Ben Franklin, 6000 sq. ft. good stuff!

Looking north on Main Street, east side.

Corner park, with fountain, on Main

A picnic is where you find it.

This is the siren that goes off in emergencies.
It also goes off at 12, 1, 6 and 9.

Post Office.

City Offices on the north end
Wonderful library on the south end.

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