As I travel, I see a lot of interesting road-side art. Here are some examples.

Northern New Mexico, mostly I-40

Pardon the raindrops!
On I-25, near Albuquerque.

Sorry, the sign didn't make it through the rain, but this is Camel Rock.
Interesting that we have Camelback in Phoenix.

Getting close to Gallup, NM,
and the world's most crowded stretch of roadsigns!

It speaks for itself.

Reservation School
Thoreau, NM

Side view.

Store by the side of the road.

A sign and a train together.
What a deal!

They're starting to gang up.

Everything flows downhill from here.

Approaching Gallup, NM.

Still closer to Gallup.

And there it is!

And into Arizona!

Northern Arizona, along I-40

Really authentic looking, eh?
However, I've bought some great Navajo rugs in places along here.

If you don't know what you are looking at, don't buy it!

Caveat emptor.

"Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind."
Five Man Electrical Band