Zane Gray RV Park is in Camp Verde, AZ. From I-19, drive through town. When you are about to give up, it will be on the left (north) side of the road. We've stayed here a number of times, fall, summer and spring. It's cooler than the Phoenix Valley, but can get warm in the summer. The winter can get cold, though there's rarely any snow.

The Park has a lending library of video tapes, and if my memory is working, they cost $1 a night. There's a good laundry room, and a lovely hot spa. There's no WiFi, but there is a modem where you can connect. It is outside at a little booth, so you can use it day or night. You will need a calling card.

This park is filled with wonderful shade trees, some of them quite old, judging by the size of the trunks. The back-ins around the edge are usually longer-term rentals, while the short term and over nights are pull-throughs in the middle. We like the pull-throughs because of the trees, though.

Zane Gray RV Park, Camp Verde, AZ

Yep, that's us again, in a pull-through spot.

bath house


showers are large

a favorite pull-through

Looking toward the back-in spots

Lovely spa

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Campground host and mailbox

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