Strange Views

Ooops! On this page, I seem to have put oldest at the top and newest at the bottom. I really must try to be more consistent! Go see those owls!

Exit 0? Must be the state line!

Parrots at the Farmer's Market in Pt. Gamble, WA

Cat on a Leash in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Cows on the road in Colorado

Talk of Cows on the Road in Arizona

Second Story Man . . . er, Cat
Paul and Jill's apartments,
Tucson, AZ

A gaggle of . . . ostriches?
Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Ranch
Picacho Peak, AZ

Owls photographed with Nikon D50 by Paul Nixon
Desert Trails RV Park, Tucson, AZ

It took 15 shots to get one this good!

Out of 3 shots, this was the best.
This guy was hiding and not coming out to be admired.