Pato Blanco RV Resort is a privately owned park, located in Benson, AZ. The park has a unique set of duck ponds, public and available near the front of the park, and more private and preservationist toward the back. There is a heated swimming pool and a lovely spa, as well as a laundry room, showers, and bathrooms.

There is a community center right at the entrance to the park. Many activities are planned there, including weekly pot lucks and bingo nights during the winter season, and occasional entertainment nights.

There is WiFi available from TengoInternet. We had mixed results using it. Some times were strong and some were not.

If you do not like the sound of trains, do not stay at this park! I happen to love it, and some people don't even notice them. However, there are a lot of trains going by, all hours of the day and night, and they do blow the whistle, of course. There is also some freeway traffic noise, which is white noise to me, like a stream going by. Otherwise, the park is very quiet, no noisy parties of people whenever we've been there. It is a 55+ only park.

From I-10 E, take the first or second Benson exit and go east through town, through the 1941 underpass, to the Circle K. Turn left at the Circle K, go up the hill (you will see signs for the park) to the top, and there you are.

Can you see us through the trees?

How about here?
This is across the duck pond at the south end of the park.
Nice reflection, eh?

from outside the community center

The community center

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