How to Make a Needlebook

The pictures of the needlebook on this page were taken with my Kodak DX7440. The Needlebook was made by the ladies at the Hearts and Hands Quilt Shop in Green Valley, AZ, and given to all the shoppers on the Southern Arizona Round-Up Shop Hop in November, 2005.

thimble.jpgTrace a hand onto your choice of 100% cotton fabric. I prefer a smaller hand, even a child's hand, to a large adult hand. Follow the wrist up the arm, but turn that part into a heart shape.

thimble.jpg Layer the fabric with the traced hand on top of white felt. Cut these out together with pinking shears. Inside, you will place the heart-shaped needlebook pages to hold the needles and pins.

thimble.jpgFind a heart pattern you like, or experiment by cutting them out of folded paper until you have a shape you like. The needlebook pages are cut from red felt, in the same way we cut paperdolls strung together. Place the pattern on the fold of the felt, so that the "humps" of the heart are on the fold, and will be connecting the hearts.

thimble.jpgCut the V-notch in the middle of both hearts, but leave the shoulders attached, so to speak. This needlebook has just one set of hearts, but I think I'd put two, to give you four "pages" for needles.

Layer the white hand on top of the background hand, with the hearts centered on top of the white, at the wrist area. Sew straight across the wrist area, across the opened heart needle pages, with a small, spaced out zigzag, or a decorative stitch that's very skinny. Then use the same stitch to go all the way around the hand. You can go down the fingers, too, if it's a large hand. The heart part of the hand folds over at the wrist to close the needle book.

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