Magic Valley Park, located on Business 83 in Weslaco, TX, just west of Farm Road 1015, is definitely a Winter Texan park. Most of the people live there 5-6 months per year, and Canadian flags are flying as often as U.S. flags. In fact, both fly over the park, with the Texas flag.

Although the climate is humid, lying only a short distance inland from the Gulf of Mexico, and some days the wind blows 25 mph, we still enjoyed our month long stay. There are many year-long leasees with park models or older trailers with additions built on, as well as a nice section in the back with single and double-wide trailers.

If there's any activity you ever wanted to try, you will find it at Magic Valley Park. Two evenings a week, the park-wide PA system announces. "Bingo in the Park, come on down. Bingo, bingo, bingo!" Additionally, there are evenings of entertainment - everything from pot luck to hoedown. During the day, there are shuffleboard games and tournaments, crafts classes, quilting groups, woodcarvers, scrapbooking and charity activities (as well as others I forgot!). If those don't suit you, there's a very nice pool with a spa at one end.

Oh, and if you want to sleep past 9:15 on Sunday morning, forget it. The PA system plays bells for 30 minutes - all kinds of hymns. There are 10:00 Christian services in the main hall every Sunday, and ice cream socials on Sunday nights.

Mail is delivered to boxes next to the main building, by the post office, and packages are left in the office. There's a lending library in the office, too. The laundry room is quite large, and always busy. There are irons and ironing boards available for use there, also.

The bad news is, the water tastes really terrible. I don't know if it comes from the Rio Grande, 6 miles away, or only tastes as if it does. The good news is that there is a Culligan water dispenser on one side of the park, the Windmill on the other, and for only 15 cents a gallon, there's a Glacier machine right next to the mailboxes.

The park does have WiFi, and it's excellent. We never had a bit of trouble with it. Setting up our Dish 500 satellite caused us more trouble than it ever has, but the wind blew it to the right place over the first night. Friendly people, nice place to stay. If you pay by the month, it's much cheaper, but electricity is added. We paid $360 for the month, plus about $93 for water and electricity. Less than $5 was water. Because the heat was in the 80s-90s most days, and the humidity was, too, we used the air conditioner many afternoons.

Magic Valley Park, Weslaco, TX
Off Business Hwy. 83west of Harlingen, about 15 miles

Here we are at Magic Valley Park.

This is 4th St., behind us.
I envied these people their porch.

This is 3rd St., in front of us.
Most of the block parties took place at this spot.

Fountain at the entrance

Flowers by the fountain

Flowers close-up

Looking down the main street

Office and main Club House

Shuffleboard Courts

Pool, with spa out of picture

Half of laundry room

Texas-sized grilling center

Meeting and craft room

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