North Lemmon Lake, North Dakota

We are one mile south of the NoDak border. The lake is about 5 more miles north of the border. These pictures were taken Memorial Day, May 28. There were two fishermen at the lake, we were there, and all the wildlife. These are all Paul's pictures, taken with his Nikon D50.

Sunning turtles - about 2 dozen were there just a moment before we took the picture. They went into the water.

Karen Waggoner of CT identified this as a Tree Sparrow, a common name for such a beautifully colored bird.

It's sitting on a post outside a nesting box put up by the rancher on the other side of the wire fencing.

At first, we thought this was the tiniest baby duck. However, it has a sharp-pointed bill, so, again, no clue what it is.

This was identified for me by the Birding Society of North Dakota as a Western Kingbird.

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