El Paso, TX
January 26, 2006
All photos taken with Kodak DX7440

Visitor's Center, entering Texas, I-10 at Anthony

Texas cultural display at Visitor's Center

It speaks for itself.

Franklin Mountains

The back road pass into El Paso

The road through the Franklin Mt. Pass

The El Paso (USA) side of the pass.

The Juarez (Mexico) side of the pass.
Here, Mexico is less than half a mile from the freeway
just across the Rio Grande.

Downtown El Paso

Six Flags of Texas

French, 1685-1690

Spanish, 1519-1685/1690-1821

United States Flag, 1845-1861/1865-Present

Texas Republic, 1836-1845
Texas State Flag

Confederate Flag, 1861-1865

Mexican Flag, 1821-1836

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