Desert Trails RV Park is a privately owned park, located in Tucson, AZ. It's on the edge of the Tucson Mountain Park, off Ajo Way. There are good walking trails leading from the camp through the desert, and a large variety of desert plants to see. There are also quail, dove, and other desert dwellers to observe. The surroundings are beautiful, the sunsets spectacular.

This park is always clean and well-kept looking. In the summer, when it is really to hot for RVing in Tucson, it is a water park, with many pools and slides available. We walked through it, and it looks like it would be a great family fun day. During the winter, one pool is filled and heated, and there is a spa tub which is also nicely heated.

Many sites have some desert vegetation, including many cactus varieties. Most sites are back-ins, though there are pull-throughs. The majority of the spaces are at least wide and roomy. There is a pool hall, laundry, and community center. There are many activities in the center, and even those staying only a short time are welcome to join those.

There is WiFi available, and it's free. There are 3 antennas in the park. If WiFi is important, tell them when you check in. Even with 3, there are places that aren't covered. In November, we had no complaints, but there were fewer users. In December, we had a few problems, including one day that was almost impossible to get signal strength. The WiFi also cut off at 2 am. It was back on in the morning, but I'm only presuming 6 am. It is a satellite system.

From I-10 E, take I-19 S. Take the first exit, Ajo Way, which comes up within .5 miles. I-19 is a metric freeway. All distances are listed in kilometers, and all exits are numbered by kilometers, rather than miles. It goes from Tucson to Nogales. Go west on Ajo Way, about 10 miles to San Joaquin Rd. (Wah-keen) Turn right (north) and drive 2.5 miles. The park is about 1/4 mile past the stop sign at Bopp Rd. From I-10 W, follow the same directions.

Desert Trails RV Park, Tucson, AZ

Oh, you should recognize this rig by now!
In our most excellent spot.

View of the side yard

More side yard

Outside the pool hall

inside the pool hall

Bath house and laundry room

Community center

One of the many water park pools

Example of park views
Looking toward Tucson Mountain Park

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