Here are more pictures of the park. Mostly, I was snapping pics of interesting things, usually plants. Animals and birds are too fast for me! All photos are with a Kodak 7440 digicam.

We used to call these century plants, because they seem to bloom so rarely. They have a real name, however. It'll come to me sometime. (Yay! It did! Yucca.)

I just love watching a man work!

I wanted the clouds. I got the park.

Palo Verde tree with broomtail growing in it. I'm sure that has a formal name, too!

Mesquite tree with a few beans still hanging on.
These will nourish you, but they are pretty nasty tasting.

Rabbit Ears Prickly Pear

Another Yucca
If it doesn't look like any variety you know,
check Benny's Yucca Page
There are dozens and dozens of varieties!

I couldn't decide if this yucca is dying or not, but it's blooming anyway.

Unusual amputee.

Desert grass variety

Interdependent trees

Christmas Cactus!

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