Dream Catcher RV Park is an official Escapees Park. If you are an Escapees member, it is $10/day +electricity, $60/week +electricity, and there is a monthly rate, but we didn't stay that long, and I forget what it was. Our electricity for 13 days was $3.18, and we used the heater every night, practically all night, plus mornings. It was below freezing every night we were there.

The park is fairly basic, but in the spring and summer, with the trees leafed out, it looks nice. Spots are generally level. Some spaces are leased to Escapee members, but there are no permanent homes here. The park has a laundry room, with quarters available in the office. There are horseshoe pits, and while we were there, there was a gentleman out playing every day. At 4 pm every day, there is a get-together in the activity room. People chat about a variety of subjects. Pot-lucks, ice-cream socials, and other nightly adventures also take place, but there are no classes, clubs or other activities, for the most part.

The park is located fairly close to the highway, but there was not a great deal of highway noise. There is iTengo internet, which works sporadically. During the time we were there, it was free because it was sporadic, but normally one signs up with iTengo, day, week or month.


Looking out to the northeast in the park.

Looking to the northwest, toward the activity building

Artwork along the fence to the north

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