Clint's Well is one of our favorite campgrounds along the Mogollon Rim. It is small, only 7 spots, and one of those is the campground host in the summer. The amenities include restrooms, that's it. But it's a great place for pressing wildflowers, the elk and deer often come to the salt lick left by the hosts, and we've seen many a coyote there, over the years.

The hosts at this campground, for many years, have been Jim and Brenda Branigan. Jim died last year, in his late 70s, but Brenda carries on. She's from England, and they taught us to play Mexican train dominoes. I lose all the time.

Clint's Well Campground, Coronado National Forest, AZ

Just looking at the forest across the street

The motor home is in space #3

Table is in space #5
6 and 7, beyond, are our favorites.

Notice all the Ponderosa needles? That's due to the drought and the bark beetles killing off trees. Normally, it doesn't look like fall with pine needles!

In the campground host's spot, #1

Looking across the street to Sunrise Resort, a membership campground with all the amenities.

Example of wildflowers in campground

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