Some Pictures of Wyoming

A view of one of the first valleys in Wyoming, on U. S. 85

This is part of the national Blue Star Highway system
which honors our veterans.

I love trains!

I take pictures of them everywhere.

Here's a shot of the Wyoming flag, under the U. S. flag.
I had to snap about 10, with the breeze blowing, and hope one would show the flag.

I'm becoming very interested in haystacking, too!

Uh-oh! More hay! They even mow the sides of the road.
And wait. Isn't that a train behind it?

And here's how they harvest some of the grain crops.

Ever wonder how things get to big cities?

This is in the same parking lot where I took the WY flag picture.
A long way from home!

Hey, look! A billboard out here in the middle of a lot of . . . hay.