Woodrow, the White House Mouse
by Peter and Cheryl Barnes

reading Level: 3.1
Number of Words: 1500
Questions: 5
Point Value: .5

1. What was the President Mouse's name?

Woodrow G. Washingtail
Woodrow Washington
Woodrow Lincoln
Woodrow Wilson

2. The newspapers wrote that Woodrow was a ____________ .

Mouse Yankee Doodle
Mouse who liked to doodle
Mouse who could not be president
Rat in a hat

3. What happened to George the Mouse?

He fell into a senator's soup.
He grew up to be president.
He got caught in a trap.
He fell into a big pot of cheese.

4. Where was President Woodrow's desk?

On a shelf in the Oval Office.
In the basement.
In the kitchen, right by the cheese.
He didn't get to have a desk.

5. What did Woodrow get to do for play?

He rolled Easter eggs.
He went out to trick-or-treat.
He watched fireworks.
He played hide and seek.