The Volcano Disaster
by Peg Kehret

reading Level: 5.0
Number of Words: 10,000
Questions: 10
Point Value: 3.0

1. Why was Warren staying with his grandmother?

His father died in a car wreck and his mom was going to college.
His mother died in a car wreck.
He was spending his summer vacation with his grandmother.
His grandmother needed his help around the house.

2. What was the name of his grandfather's invention?

Instant Commuter
Quick Computer
Time Traveler
Instant Traveler

3. Who was Warren's partner on the natural disaster project?


4. What did the Instant Commuter look like?

A backpack with a pencil-like probe
A large black box that you climb into
An old fashioned car
A large chuck of shiny metal with buttons to press

5. How did Warren end up traveling to Mount Saint Helens?

The probe accidentally touched a picture of the volcano
He decided to travel to the volcano to study it for his report
Betsy grabbed the probe and touched it to a map
He started thinking about the volcano and it appeared in front of him

6. How did Warren know that the Instant Commuter was working?

He felt a strong wind blowing.
He saw bright lights flashing.
He felt a tingling sensation.
He felt like he was whirling around.

7. Why did Vicky and her dad want to drive to the volcano?

They wanted to get a picture of an active volcano.
They planned to go hiking on Mount Saint Helens.
They wanted to have a picnic at a nearby park.
They wanted to get a sample of volcanic lava.

8. Why couldn't Warren get back home on his own?

The Instant Commuter had been left back at his house.
He didn't know the way back to his house.
The Instant Commuter battery ran low.
The Instant Commuter was broken while traveling through time.

9. How did Betsy help Warren?

She traveled back in time to find him.
She went to the police and told them Warren was missing.
She told her teacher about the Instant Commuter.
She told Warren's grandmother about the Instant Commuter.

10. What happened to Vicky's mother, Rhonda Huron?

She was rescued by a helicopter and survived.
She was buried in hot lava and ash.
She jumped in the logging truck and was taken to safety.
She died tried to save her husband and daughter.