Turtle On A Fence Post
Author: June Rae Wood

Reading Level: 6.7
Words: 64,000
Questions: 10
Points: 11

1. Delrita lived with Aunt Queenie & Uncle Bert, then ______ moved in.

Mr. Roebuck, Aunt Queenie's father
Mrs. Roebuck, Aunt Queenie's mother
Pop McCaney, Uncle Bert's father
Auntie Jane, Uncle Bert's aunt

2. When Joey lost his bear or was scolded by his mother,

he called 9-1-1 and talked to the paramedics.
he ran away.
would go to the store and try to buy a new bear.
call the radio station.

3. Often on Saturdays, Delrita, Aunt Queenie, Tree, & Avanelle helped

with Special Olympics.
the rescue mission.
with grade school soccer games.
neighbors mow their lawn.

4. Mr. Roebuck was recording himself on the tape recorder

to see if he could now talk about his WW II experiences.
to see if he really had the talent of singing.
to practice for a story-telling contest.
to record bedtime stories for Joey.

5. When Mr. roebuck was young, farmers with tractors often put turtles on fenceposts

to keep them safe and out of the way.
to be mean to them.
to give them a different view of the world.
for later - to make turtle soup.

6. After Mr. Roebuck broke his leg & went to the hospital, Delrita

hid his tape recorder in his duffel bag.
took Joey to visit him.
hid his chewing tobacco for Aunt Queenie.
sat down and cried.

7. Avanella revealed to Delrita that her dad

had been in prison twice.
had just quit his job.
was going to get a divorce.
was really very rich.

8. Mr. Roebuck asked Delrita to sneak his ____ to him at Rest Haven.

tape recorder
chewing tobacco
German Shepherd
supply of candy

9. How was Mr. Roebuck injured in World War II?

gunshot in his face
stepped on a mine
run over by a truck
hit by shrapnel from a bomb

10. When Joey was hit by a car, he had been searching

for his Mama.
for Peanuts, his bear.
for the circus clown.
for the selzer bottle.