Saving Shiloh
Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Reading Level: 5.0
Words: 40,000
Questions: 10
Points: 6

Question 1

What gift did Judd bring to Marty's family on Thanksgiving?

Three dead squirrels
A pumpkin pie
A turkey
Three fish

Question 2

Who is Marty's best friend?

Dara Lynn

Question 3

Where did Marty's family spend Christmas Day?

At his grandma's nursing home
At David's house
At home
At Judd's place

Question 4

What did Marty and David find beside the creek?

An old boot
A fishing pole
A dog's collar
A dead body

Question 5

Why did Marty and his father put a fence around Judd's yard?

So Judd's dogs wouldn't have to be chained anymore
To keep out children
To keep deer out of Judd's garden
To keep trespassers off his property

Question 6

How did Judd help his neighbors after the storm?

He used his truck to plow their driveways
He brought them food
He took sick children to the doctor
He helped them repair their heaters

Question 7

Who did it turn out was stealing from the neighbors?

Escaped convicts
Doc Collins

Question 8

Why did Judd kill the black and white dog?

Because the dog bit Judd's leg and wouldn't let go
Because he didn't think it was a good hunting dog
Because the dog was about to attack David
Becauae the dog had a broken leg

Question 9

How did Judd save Shiloh?

By swimming out into the creek to rescue him
By climbing a mountain to save him
By killing a dog that was trying to attack Shiloh
By bandaging his broken leg

Question 10

What gift did Marty give Dara Lynn at the end?

A kitten
A puppy
A doll
A book