Shiloh Season
Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Reading Level: 6.8
Words: 26,000
Questions: 10
Points: 4

Question 1

Before Shiloh belonged to Marty, he belonged to ---.

Dara Lynn

Question 2

Marty's dad works as a ---.


Question 3

Marty works for Doc Murphy ---.

to pay for taking care of Shiloh
for extra spending money
because he wantes to learn how to be a doctor
because he wants to become a horticulturalist

Question 4

When Marty and David are playing spy,

they see Judd shoot a squirrel.
they open the gate to let out Judd's dogs.
they fall into the creek.
they find a cave.

Question 5

When Marty grows up, he wants to be a ---.

forest ranger
baseball player

Question 6

While playing hide and seek, Becky falls asleep ---.

in the shed
under the porch
in the meadow
in the forest

Question 7

Dara Lynn gets bitten by ---.

Judd's dogs
a skunk
a snake

Question 8

When Marty and Shiloh are resting on a log ---.

someone shoots at them
a car almost runs over them
they fall asleep
a stranger asks directions

Question 9

When Judd Travers wrecks his pickup,

he is found by Shiloh.
he is not hurt.
Doc Murphy finds him the next day.
he is killed.

Question 10

After Judd's wreck ---.

Marty tries to be friends with Judd
Judd moves away
no one tries to help Judd
Shiloh runs away