SOS Titanic
Author: Eve Bunting

Reading Level: 6.7
Number of Words: 47,083
Questions: 10
Points: 8

1. When he boarded the ship, Barry's main concern was

A. Frank, Jonnie, and Pegeen Flynn.
B. leaving his school.
C. whether Grandpop would remember to feed Blaze.
D. he had to travel in steerage, and didn't want to.

2. "Howard" had read a book about a ship named Titan, and

A. felt the Titanic would also sink.
B. felt that the Titanic would hit an iceberg.
C. felt it was a prediction of what would happen to the Titanic.
D. All of these answers

3. Barry was confronted by Frank & Jonnie Flynn when

A. he tried to retrieve his Grandpop's glove
B. he entered his cabin
C. he went to the gift shop
D. he went to the Marconi Room to send a wireless

4. ______ returned Grandpop's glove to Barry.

A. Pegeen
B. Jocelyn
C. Captain Smith
D. Mr. Scollins

5. Mr. Watley admitted to Barry that

A. he saw disaster for the Titanic
B. he also thought Pegeen was lovely
C. this was his first trip on any ship
D. he had stolen Mrs. Adair's pearls

6. Barry went to warn Pegeen and Mary Kelly

A. to get their life jackets back
B. about eating the lobster
C. about coming to the first class section
D. that they needed to telegraph their parents

7. The Titanic hit an iceberg

A. while Barry and Pegeen were standing on the deck, talking.
B. while Frank and Jonnie were beating Barry up.
C. while Barry was asleep in bed.
D. during dinner

8. The first 2 lifeboats were set out to sea

A. half or more than half empty.
B. only after the ship had sank.
C. as an emergency drill.
D. when the Carpathia was in view.

9. Barry found Pegeen and many other 3rd class passengers

A. waiting behind a locked gate.
B. already in lifeboats.
C. partying and enjoying music as the ship went down.
D. in their cabins, unconcerned.

10. Barry & Pegeen were rescued by the Carpathia after

A. spending the night on an upsidedown boat.
B. swimming for 1/2 hour in the sea.
C. climbing aboard a raft.
D. they managed to get Mary, Mick, Frank & Jonnie on a raft.