Q is for Duck
Author: Mary Elting and Michael Folsom

Reading Level: 1.3 Number Words: 1000 Question: 5 Point Value: 0.5

Question 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

C is for Hen because _____________________.

a hen clucks a hen calls a hen eats corn a hen can lay eggs

Question 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

E is for whale because ____________________.

A whale is enormous A whale likes eggs A whale is exciting A whale is at the end

Question 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

N is for cat because _______________________ .

a cat naps a cat is noisy a cat needs food a cat has a neck

Question 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

V is for chameleon because ___________________.

a chameleon seems to vanish a charmeleon sounds like a violin a chameleon likes vampires a chameleon is shaped like a valentine

Question 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

W is for snake because ______________________ .

a snake wiggles a snake looks like a worm a snake whistles a snake makes people walk away