Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J.K. Rowling

7.2 RL
57154 words
20 questions

1. Why did Harry use magic in a Muggle-inhabited area?
a. To save Dudley and himself from the dementors.
b. To make Dudley shut up about Harry's nightmares.
c. To save Mrs. Figg from Lord Voldemort.
d. To keep the Dursleys from throwing him out of the house.

2. What is NOT true about the Order of the Phoenix?
a. It's comprised only of those who have personally met Voldemort.
b. Its members are only of overage Wizards.
c. It's headquartered in Sirius' family home.
d. It's trying to stop people from joining Voldemort.

3. What is NOT true about Sirius and his family?
a. His family's house elf Kreacher always tried to help all family members.
b. His parents were early supporters of Voldemort.
c. His brother Regulus joined the Death Eaters.
d. Sirius ran away from home when he was 16.

4. Why was Mrs. Weasley so worried about her family being in the Order?
a. Because she knew that Voldemort would want to kill them.
b. Because she didn't think it was going to be successful.
c. Because she didn't trust all the people in it.
d. Because no one had ever lived after joining the Order.

5. When Harry returned to Hogwarts this year, he did NOT find that ---.
a. Luna Lovegood believed everything written in her father's Daily Prophet.
b. One of the new staff members was from the Ministry of Magic.
c. The sorting hat was advising the four houses to unite and work together.
d. Many people distrusted him and thought he had lied about Voldemort.

6. What happened when Harry lost his temper with Dolores Umbridge?
a. She gave him detention and had him write lines on his hand.
b. She said Harry could no longer be the seeker for his quidditch team.
c. She made him do extra homework in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.
d. She gave 10 demerits to Gryffindor.

7. Percy warned Rod that it would be a good idea to ---.
a. Stay away from Harry Potter.
b. Stay away from anyone in the Slytherin house.
c. Make friends with the new headmaster.
d. Be very friendly with Professor Dumbledore.

8. What is NOT one reason Harry and some others were concerned about Prof. Umbridge?
a. She was teaching kids how to use some deadly, dangerous defenses.
b. She could use her power as Hogwarts High Inquisitor to get rid of some teachers.
c. She was using painful punishments when Harry was in detention.
d. She was only teaching the theory behind the Defense Against the Dark Arts.

9. The group Hermione organized to practice defenses against the Dark Arts ---.
a. Was called the DA, for Dumbledore's Army.
b. Was called the DA, for Defense Association.
c. Met every night in the Room of Requirement.
d. Met secretly in Dobby's house, under a giant invisibility cloak.

10. Why had Hagrid gone to the mountains for such a long time?
a. To get the giants on Dumbledore's side.
b. To find out what happened to all the giants.
c. To find out what the Death Eaters were up to.
d. To take a vacation with Olympe.

11. What bothered Harry the most about how he saw the attack on Mr. Weasley?
a. That You-Know-Who might possess him.
b. That he might be related to Professor Trelawney and other seers.
c. That he might be either crazy or turning into a snake.
d. That his dreams were becoming more violent.

12. Why did Harry have to see Snape on a regular basis?
a. To study the defense of the mind against external penetration.
b. To take Remedial Potions.
c. To get regular updates on the Order's operations.
d. To use him to communicate secretly with Sirius.

13. Hermione and Luna wanted Rita Skeeter, the ex-journalist, to ---.
a. Publish the truth, according to Harry, about Voldemort and the Death Eaters.
b. Tell everyone the truth about her being an unregistered Animagus.
c. Write the truth about the Ministry of Magic.
d. Submit an article about how Fudge tells the Daily Prophet what to print.

14. What happened when Umbridge accused Harry of organizing the secret meetings?
a. Dumbledore took the blame for the group and then disappeared.
b. Marietta, the sneak, told the Prophet about Harry and the secret meetings.
c. Fudge and Umbridge put Harry in permanent detention.
d. Cho testified in Harry's defense.

15. What did NOT upset Harry when he saw Snape's hidden thoughts in the pensieve?
a. His mother liked to join James and Sirius in teasing others.
b. His father seemed to pick on Snape for no good reason.
c. His mother appeared to loathe James and Sirius at that time.
d. His father was not as nice and perfect as he had thought.

16. What was Hagrid secretly doing in the forbidden forest?
a. Taking care of Graup, his giant half-brother.
b. Having peace talks with the centaurs.
c. Taming a new magical creature forbidden by Umbridge.
d. Building a hiding place for after he gets dismissed from Hogwarts.

17. During the O.W.L. exams, Harry was desperate to talk to Sirius because ---.
a. Harry had dreamed that Voldemort was torturing Sirius.
b. Only Sirius could answer questions he had about his mother and father.
c. Harry had to get Sirius' help in saving Dumbledore.
d. Only Sirius could save Prof. McGonagall from being killed by Umbridge.
18. What did Harry find at the Department of Mysteries that the Death Eaters wanted?
a. The prophecy with Harry's name on it.
b. The brain labeled "Harry Potter."
c. The key to the room of glittering blue light.
d. Voldemort's prophecy jar.

19. What was NOT true about how Dumbledore sought to protect Harry?
a. Harry would only have his mother's protection if he went to Hogwarts.
b. Petunia's acceptance of Harry sealed the protective blood bond for Harry.
c. When Harry's mother died for him, she gave him lingering protection.
d. Voldemort can't break the protection Harry has in his blood.

20. The prophecy concerning the Dark Lord (Voldemort) and Harry stated that ---.
a. One would have to kill the other.
b. They would same day join forces.
c. Either Harry or Neville would have to battle Voldemort.
d. Neville had been marked by Voldemort as his equal.