*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author: J.K. Rowling

Reading Level 6.3 ATOS
Number of Words 160,000
Questions 20
Point Value 32

Question 1

Why did Harry go to the Weasley's house before the end of summer holidays?

the Weasleys had invited him to go with them to the Quidditch World Cup
to help Ron celebrate his fourteenth birthday
because the Dursleys had kicked Harry out of the house for doing magic
the Weasleys wanted to include Harry in their family portrait

Question 2

What is an object used to transport wizards from one place to another?

a Portkey
a Portal
a Transponder
a Modular Modus

Question 3

How did Harry see replays during the World Cup Quidditch match?

in his Omnioculars
on the Diamocron Monitor
he reversed time with his wand
in his Reversionary Mirror

Question 4

What did the rowdy wizards do after the Quidditch match?

terrorized a muggle family
staged their own spontaneous match
had a tournament of live chess
got into a mass wizards' duel

Question 5

Who did Mr. Weasley get called away from home to help?

Mad-Eye Moody
Lucius Malfoy
Percy Weasley
Mr. Crouch

Question 6

How old must one be to enter the Triwizard Tournament?

17 (only seventh year students)
15 (only 4th year students and up)
21 (wizards who have graduated)
over 12 (no longer PeeWee Wizards)

Question 7

Why were all of Harry's schoolmates angry after the champions were named?

they thought that Harry had managed to put his own name in the Goblet
Harry had been bragging that HE could have won, if chosen
even though too young, Dumbledore had made Harry Head Boy of Hogwarts
Harry lost Gryffindor 50 points by arguing about who was chosen

Question 8

What three spells did Moody teach them, against Ministry recommendations?

the Unforgivable Curses
the Horrible Hexes
the Unspeakable Enchantments
the Irreversible Incantations

Question 9

Who did Harry see and talk to in the Gryffindor Common Area fireplace?

Sirius Black
his father
Mr. Weasley

Question 10

In the Triwizard Tournament, who was tied with Harry after the First Task?

Viktor Krum
Cedric Diggory
Fleur Delacour
Cho Chang

Question 11

How did Hagrid offend Madame Maxime on the night of the ball?

he asked her about being half-giant
he stepped on her toes when they danced
he refused to dance with her (or anyone else)
he called her "Maxy"

Questions 12

Who asked to borrow Harry's Marauder's Map?

the Dark Arts Professor, Moody
Hermione Granger
George and Fred Weasley
Viktor Krum

Question 13

Who helped Harry at the very last minute before the Second Task in the lake?

Dobby the House Elf
Viktor Krum
Professor Snape
Argus Filtch

Question 14

When they met up with Sirius Black, how was he disguised?

he had changed into a Labrador Retriever
he was dressed to look like a woman
he looked like an old sandwich peddler
he was disguised as a Blast-Ended Skewt

Question 15

Who was in Harry's dream when he fell asleep in Professor Trelawney's class?

Lord Voldemort
Cho Chang
Fleur Delacore
His parents

Question 16

What happened when Harry and Cedric both grabbed the Champion's Cup?

they were transported away from Hogwarts
leprechauns formed a rainboow over their heads
the maze of hedges disappeared
they were showered with gold coins
Question 17

Voldemort's Death-Eater spy at Hogwarts was disguised as ____.

Mad-Eye Moody
Professor Snapes
Percey Weasley
Argus Filtch

Question 18

Why did Harry's and Voldemort's wands react to each other like they did?

they were both made of exactly the same substance
they had been switched
they had been heated too much in the cauldron
they were affected by the Aurora Borealis

Question 19

What finally happened to Mr. Crouch's son?

the Dementor attacked him
he went insane and had to be kept at home
he died inside Azkaban Prison
he renounced the Dark Lord and joined the Hogwarts Staff

Question 20

What did Harry do with the prize money?

he gave it to the Weasley twins for their joke shop
he put it in his vault at Gringott's
he gave it to Viktor Krum
he donated it to the Hogwarts Library