Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Author: J. K. Rowling

76,944 words
RL 5.1
13 pts

1. Harry was treated poorly by the Dursleys because

a) They didn't approve of his parents.
b) They didn't have to feed him.
c) They thought he was a troublemaker.
d) They were too busy to think about him.

2. After Hagrid slipped the name Nicolas Flamel, Harry and his friends

a) Read many library books to learn who he was.
b) Asked Dumbledore if he had been a student at Hogwarts.
c) Searched for his name in the trophy room.
d) Realized that his portrait was hanging in the great hall.

3. Dumbledore was guarding ______ in the third-floor corridor.

a) a stone that made an immortality potion and gold.
b) a scroll that listed Hogwarts' secret passageway.
c) A book that contained all of Voldemort's evil spells.
d) A crystal that told futures to inexperienced wizards.

4. Harry saw his parents in the Mirror of Erisid because

a) The mirror showed its looker's desires.
b) The mirror showed how to solve mysteries.
c) The mirror showed people who were dead.
d) The mirror showed the future of its looker.

5. Harry and his friends received detention because

a) They secretly sent the dragon away during the night.
b) They discovered a passageway to Dumbledore's office.
c) They overheard Snape plotting the next Potions exam.
d) They were caught in the third-floor corridor during the feast.

6. Harry could retrieve the Sorcerer's Stone when Quirrell couldn't because

a) He wanted to find the stone and not use it.
b) He was attracted to the stone in a trance.
c) He saw its location in a horrible nightmare.
d) He could see the aura that glowed around it.

7. Harry was upset with the Dursleys because

a) They had not told Harry about who he was.
b) They had taken Harry away from his parents.
c) They had stolen all of Harry's inheritance.
d) They had fed Harry too much food as a child.

8. To save the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry, Hermione, and Ron

a) Tamed Fluffy with a flute and solved other enchantments.
b) Trapped Dumbledore in a closet and put a spell on Snape.
c) Found the secret passage to the trophy room and locked it.
d) Kidnapped Slytherin's mascot and led it to the pond.

9 The sorting hat was used

a) to help sort students into dormitories.
b) to keep young students from using magic.
c) to arrange the students' schedules.
d) to help unpack a student's trunk.

10. Harry believed Snape was a thief because

a) Snape was bitten by the three-headed dog.
b) Snape was burned by a heated red laser.
c) Snape had lost his hair in a blazing fire.
d) Snape had grown brown worts on his face.