Pig Pig Rides
Author: David McPhail

Reading Level 2.3
Words: 1000
Questions: 5
Points: .5

Question 1

Pig Pig said he had some stuff to _________________ .

throw away

Question 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pig Pig said he would ________________ on his motorcycle.

jump 500 elephants
run over 500 elephants
jump over the circus
run away from home

Question 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pig Pig said he would drive a train ________________ .

to China
to the moon
until he ran out of tracks
to France

Question 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mom asked Pig Pig to pick up _______________.

a loaf of bread
his toys
a gallon of milk
his father

Question 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pig Pig's mother told him to be careful because ___________.

she loved him
there were wolves in the woods
he didn't have a bike helmet
she didn't trust him