Paper Bag Princess
Author: Robert Munsch

Reading Level 2.9
Words: 1500
Questions: 5
Points: .5

1. A dragon smashed the castle, burned the clothes of the princess, and carried off ________ .

Prince Ronald
Princess Elizabeth
the King
the Queen

2. After awhile the dragon didn't have enough fire left to _________.

Cook a meat ball
Brown a marshmallow
Scare people away
Burn down a castle

3. What did the dragon do after he flew around the world twice?

He went to sleep
He flew into the village
He returned to the castle
He ate the prisoner.

4. What did Prince Ronald tell Princess Elizabeth?

"Come back when you are dressed like a real princess."
"Thank you for rescuing me and saving my life."
"I don't want to leave my new friend, the dragon."
"You are the bravest princess in the whole world."

5. Because of what Prince Ronald said to Princess Elizabeth, they ________________.

didn't get married after all
lived happily ever after
got married the very next day
were both eaten by the dragon