Morning Girl
Author: Michael Dorris

Reading Level: 5.6
No. of words: adjust to 1 pt.
Points: 1

1. Why does Morning Girl's family call her Morning Girl?

She likes to wake up early in the morning.
She was born in the morning.
She doesn't like to get up early.
She reminds them of the morning sun.

2. Why does Star Boy hide among the rocks?

After playing with his father's canoe, he thought the tide took it away.
He was playing hide and seek with Morning Girl.
He was playing a trick on his mother.
He was hiding from a wild animal.

3. What does father say to get Star Boy to come out from behind the rocks?

A canoe can be replaced, but nothing can replace a son.
He threatened to punish him if he didn't come out.
He told him dinner was ready.
It's time to go fishing.

4. How does Morning Girl discover what she looks like?

She looks into her father's eyes and sees her reflection.
She looks into a pool of water.
She looks into a mirror.
Her friend tells her what she looks like.

5. How does Star Boy survive the storm?

He hangs onto the special tree.
He hides among the rocks.
He stays in the hut.
He hides in a boat.

6. Why did Star Boy get mad at Red Feather and his father?

They teased him about eating so much.
They wouldn't let him hunt with them.
They made fun of his name.
They teased him about his hair.

7. How did the family feel when Star Boy wouldn't come back to the hut?

They missed him and they were worried about him.
They were glad he was gone.
They didn't even realize that he was gone.
They figured he would come back soon enough.

8. Why did Morning Girl think a conch shell would be a good gift for Star Boy?

His old collection of shells was washed away in the storm.
Shells were easy to find on the island.
Because Morning Girl liked them, she thought Star Boy would, too.
She thought it would be a good gift because he talked so much.

9. What did Christopher Columbus think of the people on the island?

They were poor and they would make good servants.
They were rich in spirit.
They were lucky to live on the island.
They were a smart group of people.

10. Did the island people's lives change at the end of the story?

Things changed a great deal, because many people came to their island.
They had to leave their island.
Things didn't change at all.
Things didn't change, because they were able to chase the new people away.