Dingoes at Dinnertime
Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Reading Level 3.0
Questions: 10
Words : 2000
Points: 1

1. How did Jack and Annie know to return to the Tree House?

They heard Teddy barking.
Their mom served chicken.
The teacher told them.
There was a big storm.

2. To what country did Jack and Annie travel in this adventure?


3. A drought is

a long period of time with no rain.
a type of boat
a kind of house
a fish

4. An emu is

a large bird that doesnít fly
a fish that canít swim
a bear that lives in trees
a snake that walks

5. Where do koalas get their water?

from the leaves they eat
from the ocean
from the pond
from their mother

6. How did Jack and Annie escape the wildfire?

They followed Teddy into a cave.
They followed a kangaroo into the ocean.
They followed a koala into a tree.
They followed a dingo into the forest.

7. Why did the kangaroo give Jack and Annie a gift?

because they saved her joey.
because she thought they were cute.
because they gave her food.
because they brought her a present.

8. Who were the first people to live in Australia?

the Aborigines
the Pilgrims
the Indians
the Australians

9. What did Teddy change in to?

a boy
a cat
a bird
an elephant

10. What was special about Teddy?

He had a rare gift for magic.
He had big ears.
He had big feet.
He had wings.