#4 - Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying
Author: Barbara Park

RL 2.1
Words: 5300
Questions: 10
Points: 1

1. Where was Junie B. hiding when she heard Grandpa Miller's nose whistle?

In the hamper
In the closet
In the bathtub
In the cupboard

2. What did Junie B. see Grandpa Miller do?

Take out his teeth
Shave his whiskers
Brush his teeth
Comb his hair

3. Junie B. told Mrs that her mom would make ____ for Grandparents' Day.


4. That Grace and Junie B. had curiosity about _______________.

where Mrs. lived
when Mrs. got to school
what Mrs. ate for supper
when Mrs. ate supper

5. Which sentence is a grocery store rule?

No hollering "I want ice cream!"
Eat the marshmallows before paying.
Have a shopping cart race.
Do not sit in the shopping cart seat.

6. Who did Junie B see at the grocery store?

Grandma Miller
Grandpa Miller

7. Junie B. saw Mrs. eating _________________.

a grapefruit
a pineapple
a banana

8. Junie B. says that secrets are________________.

very slippery
very squeaky
fun to share
fun to keep

9. Junie B. accidentally told her secret to__________.

Paulie Allen Puffer

10. Mrs. apologized and said she ate the grapes because_______________.

the ones she bought before were sour
they looked so tasty
she was very hungry
her husband told her to