Jip: His Story
Author: Katherine Peterson

Reading Level - 7.1
# words - 49,000 words
# Questions - 10
# Points - 8

Question # 1 -

No one knew who Jip belonged to because when he was small

*he had "fallen off the back of a wagon."
his parents died in an explosion.
he was found in the river.
he was found in a forest.

Question # 2 -

Jip became a friend of

*Put, "the lunatic."
Mr. Flint, the overseer.
Mr. Lyman, the manager.
Mr. Dudley, the sheriff.

Question # 3 -

Sheldon was killed

*by an explosion at the granite quarry.
when he was hit by a train.
by the lunatic.
when he was struck by lightening in a storm.

Question # 4 -

________ helped Jip with his school work.

*Lucy and Put
Mrs. Wilkins and Mr. Lyman

Question # 5 -

Why did Jip miss at least a week of school?

*Put was having a bad spell, and only Jip could care for him.
Berthie died.
Toddy was very sick.
Mr. Lyman was gone, and Jip did all the work.

Question # 6 -

Jip was told that if he needed help, he should contact . . .
*Mr. Stevens, or Teacher.
the Bracketts.
the overseer.
the sheriff.

Question #7 -

Mrs. Wilkins went to town and

*got a job with a dressmaker.
bought tickets on the stagecoach to go West.
put Lucy and Toddy up for adoption.
became the new school teacher.

Question # 8 -

In the store, when Jip looked at the "strangers",

*he felt like he was seeing his own ghost.
saw 2 very rich men, and 2 ladies.
saw them stealing apples.
saw people dressed in strange foreign clothes.

Question # 9 -

Mr. Stevens explained to Jip that his mother

*was a slave.
had died when he was born.
had just arrived in town.
had gone back to Hungary.

Question # 10 -

Jip managed to get to Canada and Reverend Ezekial Freeman

*after he escaped from jail.
after being in court with Teacher & Mr. Stevens.
by traveling the Underground Railroad with Put.
after being a slave for 12 years.