by Louis Sacher

Reading Level: 3.7
Number Words: 46938
Question: 10
Point Value: 5

1. Who is the author of Holes?

a. Louis Sachar
b. Roald Dahl
c. J.K. Rowling
d. Lois Lowry

2. What is so unusual about Camp Green Lake?

a. There hasn't been any water in it for over 100 years
b. Unusual animals and fish live in it.
c. Only adults are allowed to swim in it.
d. The water is a strange shade of green.

3. How did Stanley end up at Camp Green Lake?

a. He was accused of stealing a famous baseball player's sneakers.
b. He was caught stealing candy from a store.
c. He was caught skipping school 5 times.
d. He was accused of stealing money from his school.

4. What did the boys use to make sure that their holes were exactly 5 feet deep and 5 feet across in every direction?

a. A shovel.
b. A measuring stick.
c. A long branch from a tree.
d. A piece of rope.

5. What was the one thing that everyone at Camp Green Lake was afraid of?

a. Yellow-spotted lizards.
b. Scorpions.
c. Rattlesnakes.
d. Desert rats.

6. Stanley's family always blamed their bad luck on Stanley's

a. no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.
b. good-for-nothing-lazy-money-stealing-great-great-uncle.
c. mean-ugly-no-good-sheep-stealing-great-great-cousin.
d. know-it-all-smelly-stinky-cow-stealing-great-grandfather

7. What is the nickname given to Stanley by the other boys?

a. Caveman
b. Zero
c. X-ray
d. Magnet

8. When Stanley and Zero ran away from Camp Green Lake, where did they go?

a. To the mountain they called Big Thumb.
b. Into the forest near the camp.
c. They hitched a ride into the nearest city.
d. They stole a car and drove home.

9. When Stanley and Zero accidentally climbed into holes filled with yellow-spotted lizards, why didn't any of the lizards bite them?

a. Yellow-spotted lizards don't like onion blood.
b. They were wearing yellow-spotted lizard repellent.
c. Madame Zeroni had put a spell on the lizards.
d. Because they only wanted to bite the Warden.
10. When they finally found the suitcase the Warden had been searching for, what was in it?

a. Jewels and important papers.
b. $5,000,000 in cash.
c. Nothing ~ it was empty.
d. It was filled with Sam's onions.