Help! I'm Trapped in a Vampire's Body
Author: Todd Strasser

Help! I'm Trapped in a Vampire's Body
Author: Strasser, Todd

Reading Level: 3.7
Number Words: 20000
Question: 10
Point Value: 3

Question 1

Who was telling the story?


Question 2

Jessica was

Jake's sister
Jake's girlfriend
Jake's dog
a cow

Question 3

What was Jake planning to do on Halloween?

throw a party for his friends
go to a Halloween carnival
go trickortreating at the mall
scare his sister

Question 4

Why did Josh have to milk a cow?

for a social studies lesson about early American history
to raise money for a computer
because his friend dared him to do it
to impress Amanda

Question 5

What was unusual about the custodian?

His teeth looked like fangs.
He was mopping the floor late at night.
He was always by himself.
He walked sideways.

Question 6

Why did Andy want revenge on Barry and his gang?

because they performed the Monkey Bite on him
because they tattled on him
because they tore up his homework
because they stole his lunch money

Question 7

What happened when Jake and Vlad crashed into the DITS machine?

Jake became a vampire.
Jake switched bodies with Vlad.
Jake broke his leg.
They broke some valuable lab equipment.

Question 8

What did Jake drink to quench his thirst?

V8 Juice
grape juice

Question 9

What did Barry and his gang do to disrupt Jake's party?

They threw eggs and toilet paper into the yard.
They threw rocks and broke all of the windows.
They called the police to break up the party.
They dressed up in costumes and scared everyone.

Question 10

At the end of the story, who became a vampire?

the cow