Help! I'm Trapped in the Principal's Body
Author: Todd Strasser

Reading Level: 4.5
Number Words: 8000
Question: 10
Point Value: 3.0

1. Who was the principal of Burt Itchupt Middle School?

Mr. Blanco
Ms. Rogers
Mrs. Hubb
Mr. Dunn

2. Why didn't Andy want to walk home on the day of the test?

He was afraid that Barry would beat him up
He didn't think he would make it home in time for his favorite TV show
He didn't have anyone to walk home with
He wanted to stay after school and talk with his teacher

3. What was the name of the body-switching machine?

Dirksen Intelligence Transfer System (DITS)
Intelligent Body-Switching Machine (IBSM)
Body Intelligence Transfer Machine (BITM)
Super Switching Body Machine (SSBM)

4. Who decided to switch places with the school principal?


5. Why did Josh want to switch places with the principal?

To expel Barry, the school bully
To give all his friends good grades
To play computer games all day
To make sure that he was promoted to the next grade

6. What kind of petition did Ollie want the students to sign?

A petition to start a sports team for small kids
A petition to never have homework on weekends
A petition to have pizza three days a week in the cafeteria
A petition to allow students to choose their own teachers

7. What rule did Josh-in-Blanco make up to try to expel Barry?

Students must not have untrimmed ear and nostril hair.
Students must not use the water fountain before school.
Students must not threaten other students.
Students must not dress in jeans and T-shirts.

8. What happened to Barry at the end of the story?

He was skipped to the next grade.
He was expelled from school.
His parents moved and he transferred to another school.
He beat up a student and was suspended for 10 days.

9. What did Josh discover about Principal Blanco that helped him get rid of Barry?

Mr. Blanco had been playing computer games on the job.
Mr. Blanco did not have school records for Barry.
Mr. Blanco had been cheating the school system out of money.
Mr. Blanco had unfairly suspended ten students during the school year.

10. How did Mr. Blanco convince Josh to give him back his body?

He said that Josh-in-Blanco would have to donate blood in the blood drive.
He threatened to expel him from school.
He threatened to take the whole story to the local newspaper.
He made a deal to give Josh straight A's for the rest of the year.