Help! I'm Trapped In A Professional Wrestler's Body
Author: Todd Strasser

Reading Level: 5.0
Number Words:20,000
Point Value: 2

1. The character who is telling the story is named:


2. Who gave the boys backstage passes to Wrestle-Insanity?

Andy's neighbor
Jake's parents
Their science teacher

3. Why couldn't Alex go to Wrestle-Insanity?

His family was having a reunion
He and Andy got in a fight
Jake promised the ticket to Amanda
Barry forced Alex to give him his ticket

4. Who invented the Dirksen Intelligence Transfer System (DITS)?

Their science teacher

5. Backstage, Josh shouted that wrestling was fake because

Neutron Neuman and Brainiac Bloom were laughing
No Nerve Nelson and Neutron Neuman shook hands
The professional wrestlers were practicing their moves together
Josh heard Brainiac and No Neck Nelson talking about how it was fake

6. At the wrestling clinic, Tony told Andy, Jake and Josh the most important thing to learn was

How to fall
How to break their opponent's arm
How to throw a wrestler into the ropes
How to do a flying bomb

7. When Andy, Jake and Josh went to their seat, who was sitting next to them?


8. Andy switched bodies with

Brainiac Bloom
Neutron Neuman
Stone-Cold Steve Austin
No Neck Nelson

9. Jake helped Andy by

Switching bodies with No Nerve Nelson
Convincing No Neck Nelson to help Andy
Jumping in the ring and being Andy's coach
Calling off the fight

10. What did the wrestlers do to Barry?

They threw him against the ropes
They put him in a head-lock
They made him apologize to Andy
They hit him with a chair