Every Dog Has His Day
Hank the Cowdog
Author: John R. Erickson

Reading Level: 3.8
Number Words: 21940
Question: 10
Point Value: 3

Question 1

What made the jingling sound that Drover heard in the first chapter?

Slim's spurs
the dinner bell
a loose blade on the windmill

Question 2

Why were the hands from neighboring ranches at Hank's ranch?

to help round up and brand horses
to help break horses
to help shear sheep
they'd come for a cook-out

Question 3

Why was Benny the cowdog at Hank's ranch?

he came to give a demonstration on how to work cattle
he came to visit Hank
he'd run away from home
he'd come to the cook-out

Question 4

Before the roundup started, Loper did something to Hank, what was it?

tied him to a gate post
put him in the back of a truck
fed him a really good meal
told him he'd be working with Benny

Question 5

How did Hank get loose from the gate post?

The rope broke when he was trying to chase Pete the barncat
Hank chewed the rope in two
Drover chewed the rope in two
Loper untied Hank

Question 6

What made the cattle stampede?

Hank standing at the open gate barking
a thunderstorm
Hank and Benny fighting
Pete, the cat, scared them when he ran between their legs

Question 7

What caused Loper's horse to buck him off?

Hank and his rope spooked the horse
Loper's horse wasn't broke properly
The stampede spooked the horse
A bull charged the horse and spooked it

Question 8

Why couldn't Hank run away from the coyotes Tip and Snort?

The end of his rope was snagged on a willow tree
Hank's foot was caught in a trap
Hank had fallen into a pit
Hank was tied to a gate post

Question 9

How did Hank finally get away from the coyotes?

He tricked them into chewing his rope in two, then sang them to sleep
He tricked them into chewing his rope in two, then he out-ran them
Hank climbed the tree he was caught on
Hank talked the coyotes into letting them go

Question 10

What did Hank do that made Loper decide to keep him on the ranch?

Hank pulled Loper out of the quick sand
Hank rounded up the lost cattle
Hank saved Loper from a snake bite
Hank was younger than Benny the cowdog & able to work cattle better