A Ghost in the Family
by Betty Ren Wright

Reading Level: 4.5
Points: 3.0
1. Where did Chad go with his friend Jeannie during summer vacation?

a. Milwaukee
b. New York
c. Boston
d. Memphis

2. Who did Chad and Jeannie visit?

a. Jeannie's Aunt Rosebud
b. Chad's Aunt Elsie
c. Jeannie's cousin Rhonda
d. Chad's cousin Dave

3. What word did Jeannie use to describe her Aunt Rosebud?

a. Eccentric
b. Lonely
c. Worried
d. Strict

4. What was the first trick that the ghost played on Chad?

a. Balancing his toothbrush on his bedpost
b. Scaring him with a snake
c. Putting a mummy in his closet
d. Writing the words "Go Home" on the mirror

5. What was stolen from Linda Palmer's home?

a. A diamond bracelet
b. A diamond necklace
c. A ruby bracelet
d. A ruby necklace

6. What had Mrs. Palmer been planning to do with the bracelet?

a. Sell it and use the money to pay for her son's daycare
b. Give it to her mother as a special anniversary gift
c. Wear it to a fancy party on New Year's Eve
d. Lock it up in a safe and keep it for her child

7. Where had Mrs. Palmer hidden the bracelet?

a. Up in a closet in David's room
b. Under the mattress in her bedroom
c. In the sugar bowl in the kitchen
d. In a box of crackers in the kitchen

8. Who had lived in Chad's room in the past?

a. Dr. Dempsey
b. Mr. Callahan
c. Madam Keppell
d. Mr. Bell

9. Where did David find the missing bracelet?

a. In a hole in the wall under his window
b. In a game box in David's room
c. Behind a painting on the wall in his room
d. On the top shelf of the closet in his room

10. Why did David and Jeannie think Mr. Callahan was the thief?

a. They found out he had been in prison and his room overlooked David's.
b. They saw him take a bracelet to a jewelry store.
c. They overhead him talking to a friend about a bracelet.
d. They saw something shiny in his pocket.