The Giant Egg
Authors: Charlie Damitz and Dixie Anderson

Reading Level: 2.0
Words: 1000
Points: .5
Number of Questions: 10

1. Pookie's favorite time at Easter was

dying Easter eggs.
the Easter egg hunt.
waking up in the morning.
going to church.

2. How did the children get the egg home?

carried on their backs
pulled it in a red wagon
pushed it
had their mom put it in her car's trunk

3. What did Charlie use to make a hole in the egg?

a drill
a screwdriver
a rock
a nail

4. What was in the red egg?

another egg
Charlie's brother
a duckling

5. Pookie told Charlie that Brad loves


6. What happened to Brad?

He went to school.
He went to find his mother.
He was in a purple shell.
He was watching TV on his bed.

7. When Charlie told Brad about what happened,

Brad said he was playing a trick.
Brad didn't remember.
Brad said Charlie was lying.
Brad thanked Charlie and Pookie for saving him.

8. Who was Pookie?

Charlie's dog
Charlie's stuffed bear
Charlie's dad
Charlie's friend

9. Who ate the purple egg?


10. The purple egg was

a jawbreaker.
a jellybean.
a piece of candy.
a duck's egg.