Author: Andrew Clements

Reading Level: 4.8
Number Words: unknown
Question: 10
Point Value: 3.0

1. How did Nick distract his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Avery?

By making high-pitched peeping noises
By tapping his pencil on the desk
By speaking without raising his hand
By humming under his breath

2. How did Nick often get his class out of having homework?

He asked distracting questions right before the bell rang.
He complained that homework was a waste of time.
He had a conference with his teachers to talk them out of homework.
He wrote poems about the silliness of homework.

3. What was Mrs. Granger's favorite book?

The dictionary
The atlas
The W encyclopedia
The almanac

4. What happened when Nick tried to stop Mrs. Granger from giving homework?

She assigned him an essay about the dictionary.
She began talking about her favorite subject, the dictionary.
She involved the whole class in a long discussion about the dictionary.
She made the entire class write an essay about the dictionary.

5. What is a frindle?

a. A pen
b. A pencil
c. A magic marker
d. A dictionary

6. How did Mrs. Granger try to stop kids from using the word "frindle"?

She kept them after school and made them write sentences.
She sent them to the principal's office.
She called their parents and had a conference with them.
She made them stand in a corner holding a dictionary.

7. Why did Mrs. Granger ask Nick to sign the back of an envelope?

To later prove that she had never changed the letter
To sign an agreement that he would stop using the word "frindle"
As evidence to give to the principal
So she would remember his name in the future

8. How did Bud Lawrence help Nick to become rich?

He sold frindle products and put part of the profits into an account for Nick.
He invested Nick's money in the stock market.
He helped Nick create and sell frindle products.
He paid Nick to star in an advertisement for frindle products.

9. When did Nick get the letter from Mrs. Granger?

When frindle became a real word and was in the dictionary
When he graduated from high school
On the last day of school that year
After he appeared on the CBS news and became famous

10. How had Mrs. Granger been helping the word frindle become a real word?

By fighting against it which caused the students to use it more
By secretly writing letters to the editor
By calling newspaper reporters and getting them to write the story
By secretly using the word herself