The Empty Pot
Author: Demi

Number of questions: 5
Grade level: 2.7
Number of words: 1000
Number of points: .5

1. Ping is special because

he makes everything grow, as if by magic!
he is a basketball player.
he lived in India.
he is the best student in class.

2. The Emperor is looking for

a successor.
a gardener.
a wife.
a magic fish.

3. The emperor gave the children

seeds to plant.
ice cream.
birthday presents.
new clothes.

4. Ping's seed

did not grow.
grew a beautiful flower.
grew into a tree.
grew three kinds of fruit.

5. The Emperor chose Ping to be his successor because

he was honest.
he was humble.
he was the smartest.
he had a lot of money.