Earthquake Terror
Author: Peg Kehret

Reading Level: 4.8
Number Words: unknown
Question: 10
Point Value: 5.0

1. Why was the Palmer family walking in the woods?

They were on a camping trip and were hiking.
They were taking a shortcut home from the store.
They were looking for a lost dog.
They were exploring the woods behind their house.

2. Who was Abby?

Jonathan's little sister
Jonathan's mother
Jonathan's best friend
Jonathan's cousin

3. Why did Jonathan keep having to wait for Abby on the trail?

She was handicapped and couldn't move quickly.
She kept stopping to look at the flowers.
She was hungry and had to stop and eat.
She had been hiking for many hours and was tired.

4. What happened to Jonathan and Abby's mother?

She broke her ankle.
She was bitten by a snake.
She fell off a cliff.
She burned herself in the campfire.

5. After the earthquake, why couldn't Jonathan and Abby wait in the camper?

It had been crushed by a redwood tree.
He couldn't get the door to the camper unlocked.
The camper was too far away.
His parents had taken the camper with them.

6. What was the name of Jonathan's dog?


7. Why did Jonathan and Abby climb the redwood tree?

To escape the water that was rising quickly.
Because they were afraid of wild dogs roaming the island.
To signal a helicopter pilot to rescue them.
To look for a way off the island.

8. How did Jonathan know that his parents wouldn't return to the island?

He discovered that the bridge to Magpie Island had collapsed.
He knew that it was too far to the hospital for them to return.
He knew that they had been killed in the earthquake.
He heard his father say they wouldn't make it back in time.

9. How did Jonathan and Abby escape the island flood waters?

They crossed the bridge before it flooded out.
They floated down the river on tree trunks.
They swam to the mainland from the island.
They were rescued by a helicopter.

10. Who saved Jonathan from drowning?

His dog
His sister
His father
His mother