True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Author: Avi

Reading Level: 5.3
Number of Words: 10,000
Questions: 10
Point Value: 8

1. What does a round robin do?

a. Relieve the Captain of his duties
b. Chirp a song
c. Help people write their names
d. Make friendships with people

2. Who had informed Captain Jaggery about Charlotte and Zachariah?

a. Mr. Keetch
b. Mr. Fisk
c. Mr. Grimes
d. Mr. Barlow

3. What was Charlotte's little siblings named?

a. Albert and Evelina
b. Roderick and Rachel
c. Andrew and Evelina
e. Ewing and Mary

4. What was the highest sail on the ship?

a. Main-royal yard sail
b. Lower-main topsail
c. Upper-topgallant sail
d. Main -topgallant sail

5. How would you describe Captain Jaggery?

a. Mean
b. Messy
c. Polite
d. Respectful

6. What did Charlotte see when she opened Ewing's Chest?

a. A pistol
b. A knife
c. A sword
d. A round robin

7. Why would no one speak in Charlotte's defense?

a. They wanted to keep Zachariah alive
b. They were afraid of Captain Jaggery
c. They were afraid of Captain Jaggery
d. They didn't like her

8. What did Charlotte like to read to the sailors?

a. The Bible
b. Plays
c. Sea Stories
d. The Little Engine that Could

9. What was used as a curtain to keep Charlotte's privacy in the forecastle?

a. A piece of torn sail
b. A curtain
c. Dressers and chests
d. A bed sheet

10. How did Charlotte describe the deaths of Mr.Hollybrass and Captain Jaggery in her log?

a. They were swept off the deck during a hurricane
b. They killed each other in a fight
c. They committed suicide
d. They got the plague