Clifford's Pals
Author: Norman Bridwell

Reading Level: 1.7
Number of Words: 1000
Number of points: 0.5
Number of questions: 5

1. Whose idea was it to go to a construction site?


2. Clifford went to the construction site because

he didn't want to look like a coward.
it looked like a fun place to play.
his friend worked there.
the workers invited him to come and play.

3. When the work crew was covered in cement, Clifford

cleaned them with his tongue.
laughed at them.
ran and got help.
cried and said he was sorry.

4. Clifford jumped on the bulldozer

to save his friends.
to scare the driver.
to drive it into town.
to stop it from going into the river.

5. How did the little dogs save Clifford?

They chewed through ropes.
They went and got Clifford's owner.
They called 911.
They begged the workers to let Clifford go.